Ravage Rose

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Scandinavian rock band, Ravage Rose, has been around since 2013. Since the startup, the band's been focusing most of their energy on songwriting. Nevertheless, during the same period, the five piece rock act have managed to do more than 70 live shows, though mostly in and around the Trondheim area, where the group resides.

The band's been called to play all sorts of events, both private and commercial, and one of their biggest achievements so far is a mini tour, supporting W.A.S.P. in October, 2015.

Ravage Rose is a modern melodic, female fronted rock band. The band gets ideas, style, and taste from a broad and diverse range of sources. The band-members are influenced by classic pop and rock, as well as heavy metal. Genre varies from track to track, and the varied instrumentation creates a dynamic live experience.

New album will be available in the Ravage Rose app soon. Download the app for free as soon as it hits the app stores. The cd will be distributed through Lions Pride Music, Denmark. Stay tuned for updates on the physical release!


Photographer: Tommy Halvorsen


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