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ravage rose


Scandinavian rock band, based in Trondheim, Norway. 

The group was started in the spring of 2013, by songwriter Halvor «Lucky» Lökketangen

Since the startup, the band has focused most of their energy towards songwriting. Nevertheless, during the past 3 years, they’ve managed to do more than 70 live shows, including a mini-tour, supporting W.A.S.P in mid October, 2015. 

The band's musical influences range from classic pop to modern rock, as well as some 80’s heavy metal. Still, the core of the music remains melodic rock, that revolves around the soulful and crystal clear vocals of Tara Bloch.

Ravage Rose is a brilliant live act, with a classic five member rockband line-up. But despite the modern hard rock sound, there’s still room for both piano and acoustic guitars when the band enters the stage.

      «We’re not very concerned with music style and genre», Lucky says. «When on stage, it’s always about recreating some of the magic from the songwriting process as well as the energy from the rehearsal space. The important stuff, the natural dynamics of each song». 

Upcoming album, 2017

The band is currently in the process of releasing their first full length album. The CD will be distributed through Lions Pride Music, Denmark. The album is expected to hit the shelves by the end of 2017.


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