So, we're finally getting somewhere with the new mixes :) We've been spending quite a few days in the mixing studio trying to tweak out the good stuff from the recorded material. And today we're sending it all off to the mastering studio for a few more tweaks.

We're doing mastering in New Your at the time. It's always a good idea to let someone else listen to the material after mixing. Let someone with fresh ears have a final listening through the songs before releasing them to the public. But anyway, tight deadlines or not, we're still determined on releasing on May 23. So look out for new stuff on iTunes or Spotify or whatever digital music platform you prefer.  And remember to follow our Facebook page to get the latest updates on all things! :)

PS: If you're planning to go to the release party at The Wildside, then you should join our FB-event here..  :D

Here's a little teaser that we made for social media, just in case you didn't see it yet. Till next time! :D